Thursday, March 28, 2013

"It's all about the little things..."

365 project circa 2009 etc.

A quick summary, my name is Chris Collins also known as "local paparazzi" and I live in the heart of the best Isthmus in America that is Madison, Wisconsin.  Starting January 1st, 2009 I have been documenting my life through taking and posting at least one photo a day.  I set out to do this as a challenge to myself to see life through a new set of eyes, and to grow as a photographer (to which I have).  As of today, I have snapped a photo daily for 1548 days consecutively and while sometimes I wonder if the inspiration will diminish and I will stop taking a photos.  I have to sit back relax and remember it's all about the small things.  Just because I don't like a photo doesn't mean that others wont, most of the photos I choose are carefully selected from a large assortment of the days catch.  This blog is to give an eye to what I like to think of as my "creative genius" that most don't see.  A little more writing with photos that didn't make it on the cutting room floor.

"25 min. max"
Today I went on a photo adventure with my friend Brecken, while she is still new to the whole "photo adventure" she has a keen eye for composition and a knack for finding intricate details in the little things.  This is what I ended up keeping from our walk, and although I would have preferred to shoot this on my FE with a roll of Ilford 400 I wanted instant gratification.  With spring in the air and our daylight dwindling, we wandered the UW campus.  It's rather quiet with most of the students gone on spring break to tropical destinations, and that bit of serenity made it much easier to be more detail orientated.  It's truly a shame to see many of the buildings that are landmarks in my mind vanishing, while new is the way of the future Madison should embrace the historic value of them.  These are merely ramblings of a madman and I may further detail them later.  But as the sun dropped below the horizon we finished our walk and ventured into the blue hour to find something to munch on.  A smile for each face and photos to go with!

                                                          That's all for tonight..

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